Cruelty to Rhubarb…Perhaps the BBC could save a bit of money by not pandering to ludicrous whingers and by quickly dismissing silly complaints about Geoffrey Boycott jokes

Posted: 10 July, 2015 in BBC
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test match special Test Match Special iswell known foreasy going banter, but theBBFC threw a hissy fit when Geoff Boycott joked that England cricketer Stuart Broad wasn’t smacked enough by his mother when he was little.This ludicrously prompted an inquiry by the BBC Trust after a listener complained that it somehow condoned physical abuse of children.

Boycott was joking to Henry Blofeld about Chris Broad’s tendency to think he is always right when being quick to use up limited reviews of umpiring decisions. Boycott said:

His mum didn’t smack him enough when he was little, I reckon. See I grew up in that [era]. No political correctness then. You got a little clip from your mum. That sorted you out.

A listener, who also could have done with a few more parental smacks,  complained after the broadcast it had condoned the physical abuse of children and said the comments were insensitive and inappropriate .

The complaint was rejected by the BBC’s editorial complaints unit, saying Blofeld and Boycott were very well known to the audience and had well-established characters .

The complaint was later escalated to the BBC Trust, but trustees ruled out an appeal saying it had little chance of success. It acknowledged the seriousness of protection of children but said the audience would have understood that there was no serious intent behind the remark . It said it was clear that the remarks were made in the context of criticising the behaviour of the player who appealed to the umpire that a cricketer was out in circumstances when it was evident he was wrong .

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