Corporate court re-bans personal CD copying…UK high court undoes the single government measure that put people ahead of big business

Posted: 18 July, 2015 in UK Censor News
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Old Bailey Making copies of copyrighted music and videos for personal use is again illegal in the UK because of a ruling by the High Court.The ruling quashes the 2014 regulation that made it legal to make personal copies of performances for private use as long as the person doing so has lawfully acquired the content and doesn’t distribute it to anyone else. That regulation allowed people to make backups or play songs or movies in different formats but didn’t allow selling copies or sharing them with family and friends.

But the High Court ruled last month that the regulation hadn’t been enacted properly. The personal use exception wasn’t immediately thrown out because other remedies could have been considered, but in a further hearing a judge ruled that the government was wrong legally when it decided not to introduce a compensation scheme for songwriters, musicians, and other rights holders who face losses as a result of their copyright being infringed.

The decision came after a legal challenge from Basca, the Musicians’ Union, and industry representatives UK Music.

The decision to quash the law occurred quickly after last month’s ruling because government officials decided not to object.


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