Anthropophagus…1980 Italian video nasty by Joe D’Amato just released uncut for the first time on UK DVD

Posted: 22 July, 2015 in Video Games
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Anthropophagus DVD Tisa Farrow Anthropophagus is a 1980 Italy horror by Joe D’Amato.
Starring Tisa Farrow, Saverio Vallone and Serena Grandi. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong gory violence, horror for:


  • See review from : ” Thirty-five years after it was made, it’s been given an official UK release, fully uncut and in high definition, to boot! ”

Video Nasty

Famously banned as a video nasty. The US R rated version is heavily cut and was also distributed in the UK. Released uncut in the UK on DVD in 2015.

Promotional Material

Perhaps the most notorious ‘video nasty’ of all time, ANTHROPOPHAGUS is back to deprave and corrupt a fresh wave of horror film viewers!

Joe D’Amato cemented himself into genre film history with this slickly directed, and sinisterly suspenseful, creature feature which has some unprepared tourists arriving on a desolate Mediterranean island only to find themselves stalked by a silent cannibalistic Neanderthal! Featuring gory special effects, that convinced some British moral guardians that ANTHROPOPHAGUS was a legitimate ‘snuff movie’, there is little doubting that this timeless terror totem still holds up today. Also boasting a cast of genre legends, such as Tisa Farrow (ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS), Zora Kerova (CANNIBAL FEROX) and George Eastman (RABID DOGS), 88 Films is proud to present ANTHROPOPHAGUS, fully uncut and uncensored, and re-mastered for its worldwide HD debut!

Also includes the feature length documentary 42nd STREET MEMORIES: THE RISE AND FALL OF AMERICA’S MOST NOTORIOUS BLOCK!


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  1. Nigel M says:

    This is one of those films that will probably divide audiences. Those of the vhs generation, I guess, will be better placed to go with the languid pacing. Younger audiences, I suspect, will find it a little slow. The rubber head in a bucket is also likely to prompt laughter. Personally, I love this film. Not as downbeat as Buio omega, there is still a lot of brilliance her for those patient enough to get through the early travelogue footage and scenes of talking on a yacht.