West Korea…More examples of Chinese euphemisms used by internet users to evade censorship

Posted: 1 August, 2015 in world
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Decoding Chinese Internet Glossary Political ebook Chinese internet users wanting to vent frustration at their government’s repression are using a coded language to dodge censorship filters.According to an unofficial lexicon of online political slang, there are at least 25 phrases in China secretly loaded with taboo meaning. For example, saying that someone is checking the water meter means that police are knocking at the door. The term playing hide-and-seek is used to discuss dying in police custody, whilst many Chinese bloggers refer to their own country as West Korea alluding to its authoritarian neighbour, North Korea.

According to Perry Link and Xiao Qiang, the authors of Decoding the Chinese internet: A glossary of political slang, the terms are rife among the 198 million users of Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.


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