Offence Taken…More student PC silliness as Oxford Student Union bans satirical magazine, No Offence

Posted: 2 October, 2015 in Political Correctness
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offence open oxford No Offence, founded by student Jacob Williams and Oxford local Lulie Tanett, is a magazine recently set up to promote debate and publicise ideas people are afraid to express .The intention was to hand out copies at Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) fresher events. However OUSU took offence at the political incorrectness of the satirical content and banned distribution of the magazine.

The censors sited the OUSU rules about being able to ban anything offensive but in an age where everything is offensive to someone somewhere, this rather gives organisers carte blanche to censors anything that they personally do not like, in this case a little mockery of feminism.

The parts of the publication that OUSU found to be offensive included a satirical feature Letters to the Editor . In one of the fake letters, an author under the name Les B Anne criticized men by saying that all of the assaults are done by them [the men], all of the rapes, all of the murders , and in another A Wyatt Man referred to the liberal media from stopping us from asking all the hard questions about the muzzies .

A separate submission entitled Dickly Living , a satire of the Facebook discussion group Cuntry Living, was also deemed to be offensive for use of ‘ableist’ language and reference to organizing a mass rape swagger .

Williams commented that:

There is nothing offensive about healthy debate. To ban us from promoting it on the grounds that people might be offended proves everything the free speech movement has been saying. No offence OUSU, but you just shot yourself in the foot.

Tanett added:

We’re not inciting violence, as many people do with impunity. We’re not revealing national security secrets, as many people would applaud. We’re not even campaigning for any particular view to be listened to. All we’re doing is campaigning for events and magazines like ours to not be shut down. For the free exchange of ideas.

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1st October 2015. See  article from by Eleanor Sharman

Spiked logo A student magazine called No Offence has been banned for being offensive.

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