Thundercrack!…1975 USA adult comedy horror by Curt McDowell set for US DVD and Blu-ray release on 8th December 2015

Posted: 4 October, 2015 in New Releases
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Thundercrack Marion Eaton Thundercrack! is a 1975 USA adult comedy horror by Curt McDowell.
With Marion Eaton, Melinda McDowell and George Kuchar. IMDb US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2015 Synapse Films 40th Anniversary Edition R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 8th December 2015
  • 2015 Synapse Films 40th Anniversary Edition R0 DVD at US Amazon released on 8th December 2015

Versions and UK Censorship History

This 160 minute version is the full length uncut versions. There is also a version Theatrical Version cut by 30 minutes.

Notably not released in the UK outside of the cinema club circuit. The film will languish on the self censored banned list due to British censorship law. The market is art house yet the explicit sex limits the film to R18 sex shops, where too few film fans choose to frequent.

Promotional Material

Years in the making! The highly-anticipated restoration of the underground film classic Thundercrack! Will finally be unleashed to the public!
Witness if you dare… THUNDERCRACK!… the world’s only underground kinky art horror film. With the initial setup of an atmospheric gothic tale, a dark and stormy night breakdown featuring a creepy old house on the hill, it quickly turns eerie and different. A tour de force of underground filmmaking with a plot beyond description, this film fully exposes itself with amazing dialogue and trash-noir lighting through which to peer at the pickles, the puke and the polymorphs.

In 1975, Curt McDowell and writer/actor George Kuchar created the utterly brilliant THUNDERCRACK!, a film not recommended for those with tender sensibilities. A true cult classic that has shocked, excited and amazed audiences worldwide for 40 years, this presentation is the first ever official North American video release!

Special Features:

  • Rare archival interview segments with director Curt McDowell presented as audio commentary
  • Chapter Selections

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