Shop Sign Censors…Miserable landlord whinges at Fuckoffee cafe sign

Posted: 23 October, 2015 in outrage
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fuckoffee A coffee shop in south-east London called Fuckoffee has been ordered by its landlord to remove the supposedly offensive sign bearing its name.The cafe owners posted a tweet showing a redacted version of the letter outlining the censorship. The letter read:

We are instructed that you have either erected or allowed your sub-tenant to erect an offensive sign on the exterior of the buliding… without the permission or authority from our client to do so and this constitutes a trespass.

According to the letter, the Bermondsey Street coffeeshop could face legal proceedings or the forfeiture of its lease if it does not remove the sign. It will also have to cover the costs of the legal steps taken so far.

Fans of the coffee shop took to Twitter to express their support of the sign, with several accusing the landlord of being joyless and criticising the property owner for adding further hurdles for small businesses.


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