Holding the coats of loudmouths and bullies…ICO demands that Google censors information from google.com when accessed from the UK

Posted: 26 November, 2015 in IFCO, Internet
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information commissioners office logo The “right to be forgotten” applies to any search engine accessible in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office has claimed. In a blog post earlier this month, ICO demanded:

In August we issued our first enforcement notice in this area , ordering Google to remove nine search results brought up by entering an individual’s name. Google has so far responded constructively, and the links are no longer visible on the European versions of their search engine. However we consider that they should go a step further, and make the links no longer visible to anyone directly accessing any Google search services from within the UK (this would include someone sat a desk in Newcastle, but using google.com). This is a proper and proportionate reflection of what the EU Court of Justice ruling means in practice, and so we’ve clarified the original enforcement notice , with the original text remaining the same but with a new section added spelling out exactly what we expect of Google.

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