A word about the BBFC…Ricky Gervais lets the BBFC knows what he thinks of their 18 rating for Derek: The Special

Posted: 6 December, 2015 in BBFC
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Derek Special DVD Ricky Gervais Derek [The Special] is a 2014 UK TV comedy drama by Dominic Brigstocke.
Starring Ricky Gervais, Kerry Godliman and David Earl. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb Ricky Gervais recently had the Christmas 2014 special episode of his series Derek passed by the BBFC — with an 18 rating. Other episodes from both series were passed 15, some for uses of the word cunt. He was offered a 15 rating for the special if he bleeped some of the language but he declined, taking an uncut 18. He wittily explained the rating in a Facebook post:

They slapped an 18 Certificate on me because I refused to bleep the bad language… I just hope no 17 year olds get to see it and have their lives ruined. The certification board said the reason it got an 18 certificate was because of too many cunts. I couldn’t agree more.

What’s funny about this is that all of his four live stand-up DVDs are all 18 for multiple uses of cunt, but one, Fame , was passed 15 which similarly contained multiple uses of the word (it’s three or four, I don’t remember the exact number, but a number not far removed from the number in the Derek special).

Interesting to see a prominent celebrity posting about first-hand experience with the BBFC.


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