Shell Shock!…Complaint to Ofcom about a barbaric beheading shown on the CBBC channel

Posted: 9 December, 2015 in TV News
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ooglies beheading video A mother has complained to Ofcom about a graphic beheading scene shown on children’s TV. An animated toast soldiers was shown beheading an egg in an ISIS-style execution.Angela Halliwell claimed the execution was inappropriate for young children. She ludicrously claimed::

Kids could think extreme violence like beheading is normal.

The scene appeared in an episode of OOglies on CBBC in 2012 but is still available on iPlayer. It also shows a toast soldier covered in strawberry jam after being shot, before the character throws back a grape ‘grenade .

A BBC spokesperson told MailOnline:

OOglies is a popular slapstick comedy series that depicts all sorts of food getting into scrapes with each other. This clip involving a boiled egg and toast is no different and we would be surprised if our audiences read anything more into it.


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