Classic Political Correctness…Rijksmuseum accused of censorship after removing ‘offensive’ words such as ‘negro’ and ‘Mohammedan’ from the titles of artworks

Posted: 15 December, 2015 in Political Correctness
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amsterdam velvet An renown art gallery has been criticised after censoring words such as negro and Mohammedan from the descriptions of its artworks in case they cause offence.Indian and dwarf are two other words that have been altered at the the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam — leading to observation that it is pandering to political correctness. It has removed ‘offensive’ words from around 200 titles and descriptions of it works of art, replacing them PC friendly terminology.

Martine Gosselink, head of political correctness at the history department, who initiated the project, said:

The point is not to use names given by whites to others.

We Dutch are called kaas kops, or cheeseheads, sometimes, and we wouldn’t like it if we went to a museum in another country and saw descriptions of images of us as “kaas kop woman with kaas kop child” and that’s exactly the same as what’s happening here.’

The term Mohammedan , an archaic word for Muslim, is also among those to be changed in a drive to get rid of the insulting descriptions .


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