No Complaints…Irish film censor receives virtually no public complaints in 2015

Posted: 29 December, 2015 in IFCO
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No Escape DVD Owen Wilson Only eight complaints had been lodged with the Irish film censor IFCO up to December 15 compared with the 17 that were made last year.Among the whinges:

  • A cinemagoer who was concerned that the G rated Minions cartoon was very scary.

  • The 15A rating for No Escape was challenged as there There was lots of bloodied bodies, a complainer argued that 18 would have been a better rating.

  • Black Mass , starring Johnny Depp as Irish-American gangster Whitey Bolger and rated 15A, was also complained about by one viewer referring to the brutality of the violence depicted: I was genuinely concerned to think that any 15-year-olds had been watching the same film as me.


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