PC bullies whinge at a generic name for a style of pillowcase named ‘housewife’…And Wiki joins in the fun describing the style as: ‘Housewife is essentially a bag, with a flap in the open end to fuck’, or near enough

Posted: 10 January, 2016 in Political Correctness
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Classic Linens Egyptian Cotton Housewife Ludicrous PC extremists have gotten all ‘offended’ by a picture of a pillowcase from Sainsbury’s.The pillowcase in question, from their own value brand, was offered in the style of housewife .

Cyber bullies took great delight on Twitter, claiming it to be sexist and an example of everyday sexism .

Sainsbury’s responded to the tweet, saying:

 Hi there, this is the generic name for this style. Chris.

Sainsbury’s isn’t the only store to use the name housewife for pillowcases- it has been recognised as a style since the 1990s.

It’s a good job the whingers didn’t check out the definition on Wikipedia. This is amusingly defined with an open invitation to get a letter wrong:

Housewife is … essentially a bag, with a flap in the open end to tuck the pillowcase behind to keep it in [place]…

Surely more than a coincidence.

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