Ratings you can’t trust…World Health Organisation calls for stupid ratings for movies to support its pet anti-smoking campaign

Posted: 2 February, 2016 in world
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who logo The World Health Organisation (WHO) has ludicrously called for films showing smoking to be given an adult rating.Movies showing use of tobacco products have enticed millions of young people worldwide to start smoking , the WHO claimed in a statement.  Dr Douglas Bettcher, WHO’s director for the department of prevention of non-communicable diseases, added:

With ever tighter restrictions on tobacco advertising, film remains one of the last channels exposing millions of adolescents to smoking imagery without restrictions. Smoking in films can be a strong form of promotion for tobacco products.

Of course WHO is unconcerned by the effects of film censors being forced to award blatantly stupid ratings and the effect that this would have on parents’ trust and support of movie ratings.


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