A Warrior’s Tale…Russian animation requires BBFC category cuts for a PG rated cinema release

Posted: 4 March, 2016 in BBFC, BBFC cuts
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Poster Warriors Tail 2015 Maksim Fadeev A Warrior’s Tail is a 2015 Russia children’s cartoon by Maksim Fadeev.
Starring Maksim Chukharyov, Konstantin Khabenskiy and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. BBFC link IMDb UK: Passed PG for mild fantasy violence, threat, rude humour, mild bad language after 1s of BBFC category cuts for:

  • 2016 cinema release

The BBFC commented:

  • Company chose to remove a single use of strong language (‘motherfucker’) in order to achieve a PG classification. A 15 uncut was available.

Summary Notes

An international animation project that is coming out in Russian and English languages. It is a fairytale about a grand life journey of a 10-year old boy Savva devoted to help his Mom and fellow village people to break free from the vicious hyenas. Trying to escape from hyenas Savva finds himself in a magical world he had only heard stories of.


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