The Guardian wants to engage with its readers…But only those who support its ridiculous brand of PC extremism

Posted: 16 April, 2016 in Internet
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The Guardian The Guardian has initiated a series of  articles calling for ideas about silencing comments from those who stridently object to the aggressive agenda of political correctness pushed by the newspaper. The Guardian set’s the scene for its call to censorship:

The internet has a problem, and that problem is people. Dramatic incidents of public harassment, abuse and threatening behaviour are never far from the news, and during recent years, public awareness of this unpleasantness has grown dramatically. With it has come an understanding of the harms done, not just by high-level threats and abusive behaviour but by a more insidious culture of dismissal, denigration and disrespect that surrounds them. There is a widespread perception that these are problems that need to be solved, and many digital media sites – including Twitter, Facebook and many others – are actively looking for solutions.

The Guardian is among them. Like the rest of the internet, the Guardian’s comments can be a pleasure to read and participate in; they can also be a hard slog full of dismissive discrimination, or a grim argument between camps whose views are immovable and whose main goal is simply to advance an agenda.

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Spiked logo 15th April 2016. See  article from by Brendan O’Neill

The voice of liberal England is seriously illiberal about the web.


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