Puck Censorship!…BBC censors Shakespeare over politically correct concerns that being willing to die for love could be a suicide ‘trigger’

Posted: 8 June, 2016 in BBC, Political Correctness, TV News
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midsummer nights dream 2016 Russell T Davies revealed this week that he removed one of Helena’s lines from his version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream because he considers it irresponsible to transmit today.

Davies cut a declaration from Helena that she would be willing to die for love, in case, he said, it romanticised the idea of suicide.  He told the Hay literary festival:

I’m deliberately hoping to get young girls watching this and I will not transmit lines in which women are so much in love that they are threatening to commit suicide.

He also removed a line in which Helena asked a man to treat me as your spaniel ; it is not known if this was on the grounds of misogyny or animal rights.

See the article from theguardian.com for additional examples of BBC censorship including changing the character name Titty to Tatty in Swallows and Amazons

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