Death Wish II…1982 USA action crime thriller by Michael Winner set for uncut US Blu-ray release on 26th July 2016

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Death Wish II Special Blu ray Death Wish II is a 1982 USA action crime thriller by Michael Winner.
Starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland and Vincent Gardenia. IMDb US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated/R rated for:

  • 2016 Shout! Factory [Unrated + Theatrical Versions] RA Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 26th July 2016

Censorship History

Similarly and extensively cut by both the BBFC and for an MPAA R rating. There is an uncut US Unrated version. Generally uncut in Europe.

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Promotional Material

Bronson’s Loose Again!Paul Kersey is not your ordinary victim: He fights back: with a vengeance! Legendary tough guy Charles Bronson resumes his trademark role as the hard-as-nails urban avenger in DEATH WISH II.

With the murder of his wife and the revenge against her killers now behind him, Kersey begins a new life in LA. But tragedy is never far from his door, and when a group of local hoods viciously assault his daughter, they unleash a wrath unlike anything the city has ever seen. Kersey has the face of each of them branded in his memory, and he will not rest until he tracks every one of them down… and puts them all in the ground! This hard-hitting, action-packed sequel also stars Jill Ireland (Breakheart Pass), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) and Vincent Gardenia reprises his role as Detective Frank Ochoa. The film features a rocking score by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Includes both the theatrical cut and the unrated cut of the film!


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