Human Rights Abuse in Hillingdon…Nationwide protests against councils misusing arbitrary powers enabled by public spaces protection orders

Posted: 8 August, 2016 in UK News
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pspo protest logo Protests have been held across London this weekend against public spaces protection orders (PSPOs), whicg give blank-cheque powers to local authorities to ban all kinds of activities in public spaces.In London, abusive council PSPOs include:

  • Hillingdon council bans standing in groups of two or more unless waiting at a designated bus stop
  • Brent Council has an order banning offering casual work or running minibuses which stop in restricted area.
  • Havering Council has an order banning parents from parking outside schools.
  • Kensington & Chelsea has an order ‘banning revving of engines, using abusive language, sounding horns, repeated sudden or rapid acceleration (so as to cause public nuisance) .

Other protests included


Street theatre performers were scheduled to bring back to life the Cambridgeshire Witch Finders of the 17th Century, who having landed in 2016 find that the PSPO laws are just as effective as witch ducking for the bad behaviour of local society. They will pay homage to the Cambridge PSPO banning punt touting.


Members of the sheep Commoners Association were due to deliver a petition against the council’s plan to ban sheep from village of Bream.


A protest opposed the council’s ban on chalk pavement art.


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