YG Trumped…US authorities censor anti-Trump threats in rap by YG

Posted: 11 August, 2016 in US News
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Still Brazy Deluxe Yg US presidential nominee Donald Trump and the secret service demanded changes be made to two songs by rapper YG on his latest album released in June 2016 for anti-Trump lyrics, reported entertainment news outlet Vulture.The two censored songs, FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) and Blacks and Browns, feature political lyrics that directly reference Trump and his actions and statements during the American presidential race. In the censored version of FDT there are now “awkward pauses” in the rapper’s flow for the lines that he and the label were forced to remove.  Entertainment news Vibe featured an online radio interview by YG who explained:

The Secret Service called in on Universal and was like, ‘Send me the lyrics to YG’s album because we gotta see what he’s talking about’. They did the whole album. That’s why on ‘FDT’ on the album, it’s parts of the song that I had to blank out. Then on the next song ‘Blacks & Browns’, when Sad Boy’s spitting his shit — he said some shit towards Donald Trump too — they heard that, and we had to either change it or blank it out, so we put the static noise on top of that. But yeah, it was a real situation going on… Ever since John F. Kennedy got assassinated, they can’t have no people promoting kill Trump, shoot Trump, pop Trump, all that. And we had those types of lines up in the song.

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