BBFC Podcast: Episode 59…David Austin explains BBFC guidelines for depictions of drugs and introduces the new term ‘drug misuse’

Posted: 1 November, 2016 in BBFC
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Project X Blu ray Region FreePodcast 59 gives a chance for BBFC boss David Austin to outline classifications guidelines for films that depict drug use, eg Now is Good, Project X and 13 .Austin also took the opportunity to speak about a slight change in BBFC terminology in the various forms of consumer advice. Previously the BBFC used the term ”drug use’ but will replace this with the term ‘drug misuse’. Austin cited that example that taking paracetamol for a head ache is ‘drug use’ and so does not always imply a classification issue.

Of course the term ‘ drug misuse’ is also a bit confusing if the drug is intended for use as a recreational drug. Eg does a beer drinker ‘misuse’ alcohol, or how do you ‘misuse’ a spliff? Stick it up your bum or something?

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