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House of Commons logoKeith Vaz has had a whinge about Big Brother via an Early Day Motion in Parliament. It has only attracted 5 signatures so far.EDM 382: Racism in the Big Brother House

That this House:

  • strongly condemns recent abusive comments made in the Big Brother house in the Channel 5 television programme Big Brother, some of which have been perceived as racist;
  • notes, in particular, that a total of 1,225 complaints were made by members of the public following those comments, 1,108 of which followed one specific, particularly severe comment;
  • further notes that Big Brother has been warned in the past about racist comments made in the Big Brother house; and
  • calls on Ofcom to ensure that Big Brother enforces its rules more effectively.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available at UK Amazon

Call Duty Modern Warfare XboxEarly day motion 3014: VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES (No. 2)

Primary sponsor: Keith Vaz

That this House is reminded of the consequences of the ineffectual Pan European Game Information (PEGI) classification system for video games following the testimony of Anders Breivik about the tragic events in Norway in July 2011;

  • notes that in his submission of evidence to the court Breivik describes how he trained for the attacks using the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare;
  • is disturbed that Breivik used the game to help hone his target acquisition and the suggestion that the simulation prepared him for the attacks;
  • is concerned that PEGI as a classification system can only provide an age-rating and not restrict ultra-violent content; recognises that in an era of ever-more sophisticated and realistic game-play more robust precautions must be taken before video games are published; and
  • calls on the Government to provide for closer scrutiny of aggressive first-person shooter video games.

Signed by:

  • Bottomley, Peter Conservative Party Worthing West
  • Hopkins, Kelvin Labour Party Luton North
  • McDonnell, John Labour Party Hayes and Harlington
  • Russell, Bob Liberal Democrats Colchester
  • Vaz, Keith Labour Party Leicester East
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pegi fear Keith Vaz has been casting doubt on PEGI ratings suggesting that these require further government scrutiny

As usual Vaz has voiced his concerns via an Early Day Motion 2761 in Parliament saying:

That this House notes that:

  • Tiga, the trade body representing independent UK video games developers, has come out in support of targeted tax relief for the games industry;

  • encourages tax relief for small and medium-sized enterprises for its role in generating and safeguarding jobs, especially in these current difficult times;

  • remains concerned that regulation of the video games industry is lacking in comparison to other industries; is anxious that the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) classification of video games is taken as seriously as the British Board of Film Classification by both retailers and shoppers;

  • wishes the public was more aware of the risks to children and young adults;

  • and calls on the Government to place more scrutiny on the PEGI classification system.

The only signature supporting the motion so far is sponsor Mike Hancock.

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shit for your companyKeith Vaz has had another knock at the Top Gear Christmas Special that featured a few jokey comments about India.

Vaz has tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament saying:

That this House is deeply concerned by recent events which have served to undermine the excellent relationship between India and the UK;

  • notes that the Top Gear India Christmas Special, featuring the unhelpful comments of Jeremy Clarkson and Dow Chemicals’ sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics in particular have had a very negative reaction in India;
  • is concerned that Indian student applications to UK universities are falling;
  • is disappointed by Britain’s failure to secure the fighter jet contract from India despite the efforts of successive defence ministers;
  • and calls on the Government to re-energise this vital, special and enduring relationship which ought to be one of the closest and most beneficial in the world.
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House of Commons logoBusiness of the House
House of Commons
1st December 2011

Keith Vaz (Leicester East, Labour)

Could we have a debate next week about the harmful effects of violent video games? Last week, the university of Indiana published research that showed that regularly playing those games resulted in physical changes in the brain. At a time when parents are thinking of purchasing video games for Christmas, does the right hon. Gentleman not think that it is important to hold a debate on this matter? This is not about censorship—it is about protecting our children.

George Young (Leader of the House of Commons, House of Commons; North West Hampshire, Conservative)

I am grateful to the right hon. Gentleman, and I know that this is an issue that he has pursued with vigour for some time. I cannot promise a debate next week. Home Office questions, I think, will be held on 12 December, but in the meantime I will draw his concern to the attention of the Home Secretary.

Last week Game Politics pointed out that the research cited was in fact supported by the Center for Successful Parenting, Indiana. This is in fact a nutter group with a website that is designed for parents to learn about the negative side effects of violent video. See article about the cited research from

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Call Duty Modern Warfare DVDKeith Vaz, perennial whinger about computer games has compiled his usual parliamentary motion call for more censorship of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Early Day Motion 2427

Primary sponsor: Keith Vaz
Sponsors: Jeremy Corbyn, Alan Meale, Bob Russell*

That this House:

  • is deeply concerned about the recently released video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, in which players engage in gratuitous acts of violence against members of the public;
  • notes in particular the harrowing scenes in which a London Underground train is bombed by terrorists, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the tragic events of 7 July 2005;
  • further notes that there is increasing evidence of a link between perpetrators of violent crime and violent video games users; and
  • calls on the British Board of Film Classification to take further precautions when allowing a game to be sold.

Only the sponsors have signed the motion so far.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 WiiMP Keith Vaz appeared on the BBC Radio Three show, hosted by Ben Jackson, on the subject of the amount of time that children spend playing video games.

Vaz contributed:

The internet can be used as a force for good and video games can provide the opportunity for people, young people to be able enjoy themselves. But the concern is the length of time they are spending on the internet and playing video games and also, and perhaps more importantly, the fact that those video games that have adult content are being seen by those under the age of 18.

The problem with the gamers is that they go berserk any time anyone says anything about these video games as if they were the Holy Grail of entertainment.

I cite as my evidence a Mr Miyamoto, the creator of one of the greatest video games ever – Super Mario, Vaz added, who suggested in an article in The Times on 22nd April that young people should drop their joypads and venture out into the sunlight once in a while. If someone like that can say it then it is something that we need to be concerned about.

Vaz revealed that his two teenage children have game consoles and I’m constantly telling my son to come off of his machine. But it is a bit of a battle and one doesn’t want to upset one’s children, he said, especially when they’re teenagers ha ha ha ha.