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stop the secrecy Right now, Obama is meeting with leaders in Asia to finalize the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

The TPP threatens to censor your Internet1, kill jobs, undermine environmental safeguards, and remove your democratic rights2.

We’re going to get the attention of decision-makers and the media by projecting a Stop The Secrecy message on key buildings in Washington D.C. – but we need you to add your voice now.

The TPP is huge: It covers 40% of the global economy and will overwrite national laws affecting people around the world.3

The worst of the TPP threatens everything we care about: democracy, jobs, health, the environment, and the Internet. That’s why decision-makers are meeting in Asia under extreme secrecy and pushing Fast Track laws to cement the plan into place.

This is no way to make decisions in the 21st century. We need to raise a loud global call to expose this dangerous secrecy now.

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US flagThe New Zealand judge handling the extradition case of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has dramatically stepped down from the role.

Speaking at the NetHui conference last week, Judge David Harvey had voiced his feelings on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, describing the United States as the enemy .

It happened during the NetHui conference after the launch of Fair Deal , a campaign opposing amendments to New Zealand copyright law that could become part of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. In common with ACTA that went before it, TPP negotiations are being held in secret and being used by the U.S. entertainment industries to push for tougher copyright law.

One of issues surrounds the circumvention of DVD region codes which currently allows New Zealanders to watch DVDs from other regions without committing an offense. TPP seeks to remove that freedom, and Judge Harvey made it clear he wasn’t happy with that.

Under TPP and the American Digital Millennium copyright provisions you will not be able to do that, that will be prohibited… if you do you will be a criminal — that’s what will happen, Judge Harvey said, adding:

..we have met the enemy and he is [the] U.S.