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welsh assembly logoThe issue of the Sun’s Page 3 has been debated in the Welsh Assembly.

Labour member Rebecca Evans bizarrely claimed during the debate that The Sun is one of the only places left where soft pornography is accepted. She said that she supports the anti Page 3 campaign and called upon the Sun newspaper to drop the feature and emphasised that half naked women just aren’t news.

Labour member Joyce Watson said that being opposed to page three is a no-brainer . She added that women are seen as desirable or maternal and still judged by appearances instead of achievements.

Plaid Cymru member Lindsay Whittle asked menacingly : is page three suitable for families to see in their own homes?

However Janet Finch-Saunders of the Conservative party said that there must be a demand for page three as it still exists and some women feel proud to show their bodies.

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casualty logoA storyline in TV drama Casualty had to be dropped because of Wales’ anti-smoking laws, says the BBC.

BBC Wales gave evidence in the Welsh assembly as it backed a law amendment to allow smoking to be filmed on set. AMs will vote on the issue in the spring.

Smoking in enclosed spaces was banned across the UK in 2007 but in England there is exemption which permits smoking for drama recordings. The Welsh government wants to exempt film productions from the ban, in line with England’s.

But anti-smoking groups ludicrously claim it would prompt calls from other industries to be exempt.

Clare Hudson, head of BBC Cymru Wales Productions, said there were plans for Casualty to include a cautionary moral tale about a smoker causing a fire in a hotel. But AMs were told the legislation made filming the scenes too difficult to contemplate within the production budget and schedule, and a strong storyline which would have highlighted one of the hazards of smoking had to be changed to something else .