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black card paint drying The BBFC have officially awarded a U certificate to a ten-hour film of paint drying, created as part of a protest of its practices by British filmmaker Charlie Lyne.Lyne first established a Kickstarter to fund the submission of a film entitled Paint Drying to the BBFC; one which would consist of a single, unedited shot of white paint drying on a brick wall. The money raised would pay for the BBFC’s imposed fees on having work certified, which Lyne believes unfairly burdens independent filmmakers. The campaign ended up raising £5,936 and allowed Lyne to submit a 607-minute film to the censors.

The BBFC noted that the film contained no material likely to offend or harm and commented about the classification process:

Examiners are required to watch a very wide variety of content every day, so this didn’t phase them.