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Wicker Man Directors Cut DVD Film director Robin Hardy has died at the age of 86, a family friend has confirmed.He was best known for cult British film The Wicker Man . Edward Woodward was perfect as the  dour and uptight policeman taken for a ride by Christopher Lee and the colourful folks of Summerisle.

Hardy, who went on to make follow-up The Wicker Tree in 2011, died on Friday. The Wicker Man was Hardy’s feature debut, and he went on to direct only two more feature-length films. The second, The Fantasist , came 13 years after his debut.

In 2010, the Guardian named The Wicker Man the fourth-best horror film of all time.

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The Wicker Man Directors Cut The Wicker Man is a 1973 UK mystery drama by Robin Hardy.
With Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Diane Cilento. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Prior to the theatrical release in 1973 director Robin Hardy create a 102 minute cut. However his vision was overruled by the producers and he was forced to create a shortened version of 88 minutes.

Later in 2002 Hardy produced a Director’s Cut from available material, but this was still lacking some footage wanted by the Director.

Hardy and Studiocanal took up the search for the missing material, and now it has turned up in a print in the Harvard Archive.

So the Final Cut will be expected soon.